Waiting for server to start authentication


I'm trying to set up a Epoch Chernarus server using the latest client and server files provided by epochmod.com. I am able to join the lobby but when the game starts I get stuck at the 'Waiting for server to start authentication' message.

I've tried several methods to fix this issue:
- Editing the dayz_server.pbo to include $PBOPREFIX$, $PREFIX$ and $PBOPREFIX$.txt files.
- Disabling my firewall to ensure none of the ports are blocked.
- Fully reinstalling the server.
However, none of these methods managed to resolve the issue which is why I'm creating this thread.
I've seen other threads in which the arma2oaserver.RPT file was requested so I've pasted mine here.

Hopefully someone can help me out.
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ok try re-downloading the files cause your getting the below error in RPT causing the issue

23:29:23 Error in expression <erver_hiveReadWrite;
_outcome = _result select 0;
if (_outcome == "PASS") then {>
23:29:23   Error position: <select 0; 
if (_outcome == "PASS") then {>
23:29:23   Error select: Type String, expected Array,Config entry
23:29:23 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 23
this is not normal and one of 2 things could have happend

1. you have made changes to server_monitor.sqf
2. your files are corrupt

other than that in not sure why you would be getting the error.


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Here's the code that you are getting an error on, I suspect its not making a connection to the DB
//Set the Time
_key = "CHILD:307:";
_result = _key call server_hiveReadWrite;
_outcome = _result select 0;
if (_outcome == "PASS") then {
    _date = _result select 1;
    _year = _date select 0;
    _month = _date select 1;
    _day = _date select 2;
    _hour = _date select 3;
    _minute = _date select 4;

    if (dayz_ForcefullmoonNights) then {_date = [2012,8,2,_hour,_minute];};
    diag_log ["TIME SYNC: Local Time set to:", _date, "Fullmoon:",dayz_ForcefullmoonNights,"Date given by HiveExt.dll:",_result select 1];
    setDate _date;
    dayzSetDate = _date;
    publicVariable "dayzSetDate";