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  1. Grant

    Grant New Member

    Is there a way to get some type of storage box (guerilla cache) that will write to the DB so we don't have to all have 5 tents each for storage?

    If you can help out with this post back here or PM me, thanks guys.
  2. New Member

    Get one through the editor
  3. Grant

    Grant New Member

    Good suggestion except items don't save to the database on server reset. If it was as sinple as that wouldn't have asked ;)
  4. Gagi2

    Gagi2 Valued Member!

    what about in adding this box as an deployable?
    i got a LHD aircraft carrier spawned this way with the db... (rmod needed though...)
    i guess its worth a try?
  5. Markk311

    Markk311 Member

    I currently have ammo boxes working with database sync. I have to work out a few problems and I will post how to do it on here
  6. Grant

    Grant New Member

    Markk311 =my hero

    My question is, are you able to set the capacity of the box?
  7. Markk311

    Markk311 Member

    no. We are working on that right now. Few glitches with arma not being able to handle all the weapons and items in Dayz. Writes to the db fine but when it spawns in there is an error. Give me a few minutes and ill post how to do it. only takes a second.
  8. Markk311

    Markk311 Member

    Okay I'll throw this out there without any extra stuff we have been working on. Here is the basics of spawning in a ammo box that updates to the database. If you put more than 80-90 different items in it will error out and not spawn. eg. 100 m4a1 and 100 stanag mags would only count as 2 items. All of this is done in the dayz_server.pbo.

    Go to your compile folder and in the script server_playerSync and server_updateNearbyObjects add the classname of the object that you want to update after tentstorage.
    Eg for classname "USBasicAmmunitionBox"
    } forEach nearestObjects [_pos, ["Car", "Helicopter", "Motorcycle", "Ship", "TentStorage","USBasicAmmunitionBox"], 10];

    Add the classname to the table "deployable" and note the id number

    So you do not delete the box with cleanup script. Make a new Survivor in the survivor table with a randon ass UID and set isdead to 0. (this will make it so if it is not used within X days it won't be cleaned up) This will vary server to server.
    Note the ID of the survivor you created.

    Now go to your instance_deployable table and insert a new entry. Leave id blank and make up some crazy UID for the UID field. Under owner ID put the ID (Not UID) of your created survivor. Worldspace explanatory. You can create an inventory or leave it blank. All other values are not needed. Create the entry.

    Restart your server and it should spawn in like anything else.

    I am not responsible for your crap not working or breaking your database. I have only tested this for a day on my server.

    It will save to the db fine but when you restart the server it will error out on the overfilled box.
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  9. Timmy_kirton

    Timmy_kirton Well-Known Member

    i have followed this and it works great thankyou
  10. daysgreywolf

    daysgreywolf Member

    You are my hero! Only took me 2 days of trying until i stumbled on this post... :p
  11. DerShadow

    DerShadow New Member

    Hmm also i tried it but it dont work for me.
    I make all like the tutorial say!
    can somebody pls upload his DayZ_Server.pbo for me??

    But i have to say that Skins work by me not too!
    So i need a server.pbo from sb. by who it work
  12. Grant

    Grant New Member

    ty mark, talking with our admin, he said since we run pwnzors files this may not work but will tinker with it.
  13. DerShadow

    DerShadow New Member

  14. DerShadow

    DerShadow New Member

    can anyone find an error?
  15. omenrai

    omenrai Member

    ok i have the boxes working but i can only have 2 save to the DB and i need more as i host an RP server now and 2 of the boxes save to the DB but the others do not ive tried creating another survivor makin it the owner and also in the server files i upped the number from 10 to 14 still only 2 of my boxes will save any suggestions
  16. DerShadow

    DerShadow New Member

    can you send me your PBO?
    By me it isnt working :(
    maybe with your PBO
  17. omenrai

    omenrai Member

    my PBO is haevily modded and has tons of custom files and images skins etc that i and someof my clan mates have worked hours on ... how about you send me your PBO and ill have a look see and maybe i can fix it for you. the server PBO is all i reqire
  18. DerShadow

    DerShadow New Member

  19. J3T

    J3T Valued Member!

    Hey there just tried it. Spawns the Box fine but it didn't save to database any idea?
    Server file edited like in the tutorial, also did everything with the deployable, instance_deployable and survivor.
    I am using Bliss.
  20. omenrai

    omenrai Member

    it has to either be a USOrdnanceBox_EP1, or USBasicAmmunitionBox for this to work correctly those are the class names of the boxes you will need to make in your DB for it to work... if you need any more help send me a tell and ill be happy to help you troubleshoot ... make sure you follow marks intructions to the letter when making the storage containers in the DB.

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