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  • Any way to make mission bandits give humanity when killed? I had to remove Sarge AI due to invisible AI and am not interested in adding it back. But, my players lack a large scale source of humanity now.
    Another suggestion might be to have missions with soldiers? For example: A heli crash w/ soldiers are defending & bandits attacking. Or a drug house w/ bandits defending and soldiers attacking.
    Is there a way to get the server files of Battle Royal to host own Battle Royal Servers or a possibility of a binding partnership?? We are one of the biggest german dayz communities and would be proud to offer the german users your great modification of the dayz mod.
    Hey dude sorry to be a bother but when using missions they spawn properly and there's no problems on the server but there is no map indicator saying where the mission is and they seem to spawn 2 missions a few minutes apart and then none til restart is there anything you can think I did wrong in setting up?
    In the install guide I'm supposed to find a line in server_fucntions.sqf that starts with fn_bases

    I don't have this line or any line like it.

    I'm running Epoch on the latest version.

    What should I do?
    look for a similar line as I had this problem too all the lines are there but not exactly as said in the guide
    The mission system was designed for VANILLA DAYZ I'm sorry, but I am not offering any help with other versions as I don't have the time to test it on each mod! Sorry guys!
    could you please contact me also everytime i start my server i get a black screen or players spawn in debug im guessing somethings wrong trying to install missions on epoch and most files are different
    i an trying to get this to work on the new Epoch patch but the wording u explain to find isnt the same in the files so i am not sure where to place it all. any help u might be able to offer would help i can send any files u might need to help
    I sat on my server for over an hour and a mission never started...can you help with this? I would be happy to send any files that you may need to look at.
    Nevermind..I figured it out....My dumbass put the mission folder in the wrong PBO. I put it in my mission file instead of the server PBO.
    I love your mission script, only problem i have is they are all friendly and when me and my team charge in to kill them we all become enemy's. im also running sarge AI. Any idea on where or how to fix this.
    Thanks For Any Help
    hi,I used the mission system but i cant find where the mission is taking place,
    so is there a debug system or how do i enable it?
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