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    [SOLVED] Adding buildings`

    You need to add GetTesting().ExportProxyData("7500 0 7500", 10000); Where to add, see below. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //INIT ECONOMY-------------------------------------- Hive ce = CreateHive(); if ( ce ) ce.InitOffline()...
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    [SOLVED] Where are the weather settings?

    Can be done via the init.c But you have to move the code further down the init for them to work. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //INIT ECONOMY-------------------------------------- Hive ce = CreateHive(); if ( ce ) ce.InitOffline()...
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    [SOLVED] Adding buildings`

    Grab this m8
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    [RELEASE] Sheeps DAYZ SA Repack

    Yup I have the same issue.
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    [RELEASE] Sheeps DAYZ SA Repack

    Its chat based admin tools. Simply Add your steam 64 ID into the file mpmissions/DayZSurvival.chernarusplus/ScriptedMods/Admins.txt" Set a server admin password in the server.cfg, in game login using the password. #login myPassword The Admintoolset feature can be found here...
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    [RELEASE] Admin Tools / Mission edit

    This has been updated earlier to day for those who didn't know.
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    Dzai & Epoch 1.0.5# - Ai problems

    I have been running Dzai on our server for a very long time with none or little problems with the way I have it set up. Upgraded to the latest Epoch version and all the AI run around with no weapons. Is there a fix for this? Looks like because the way the loot tables have changed, this has...
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    DayZ handcuff player help

    Although I see no specific write up for installing or setting this up. Anyone confirm working as intended and 100% If so maybe do a write up to clarify how. Might save the confusion.
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    DayZ handcuff player help

    Also mine looks like this
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    DayZ handcuff player help

    Just remove the * so the front looks like //
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    [Release] DayZChernarus Mission System

    Its ok managed to figure out how to get humanity gains . I just created a new bodyclean.sqf with the following code in. _ai = _this select 0; _aikiller = _this select 1; _humanityBoost = 10; //Set this to whatever you want the humanity to increase by _humanity = _aikiller getVariable...
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    NE Base plus other small additions (Originally for Epoch)

    Looks very good but its a complete obstruction of the runway.
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    [Release] DayZChernarus Mission System

    Is there anyway to have humanity gains with the mission system?
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    Need Some Help With ASG Addon

    Your server needs to have the mod server side to show up the map edits.