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    Discussion Thread

    if you agree with this guy.... your gunna have a bad time.
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    Bayonet not working after log off

    have you tried finding another bayonet? i might still push out another patch if i can spot any more huge issues.
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    Still working on this?

    sorry mate, i've stopped all development of my dayz projects (ive now moved on to rfactor and small parts of arma3). if you or anyone else wants to continue one of my projects just PM me and we can sort it out.
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    What is dayz lite

    Sorry mate, but i wont ever being adding Tavi because of all the crap around it. Also, since im posting now might aswell end it with a bang... I personally im stopping all development of Lite as i have lost all intrest in dayz mod and also i wasnt getting enough help and support from the...
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    DayZThirsk: Zoomable Map

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    Info About DayZ San Andreas

    So i finally decided to give this a go as when i saw theC1aw playing it a while back i was quite intrigued by it. Its a Mod for the popular Multi Theft Auto MP Platform for GTA: San Andreas and tries to replicate the DayZ Mod. More info on it here: Installation is...
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    DayZ Private Server Lite

    Everything is on the readme mate ( Look here: Common Issues Problem: Server not shown on the in-game browser or on third-party server browsers (DayZCommander, PlayWithSIX etc.) Solution: Ensure the game ports (Default: 2302 - 2305 UDP)...
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    Official Release Thread for Version 2.0.1 [OLD]

    Still applies.... :P
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    Official Release Thread for Version 2.0.1 [OLD]

    one thing i ask from you shin, can you name your newborn after me... :D
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    How to fix CBA lag on your servers

    no, just Combined ops like normal
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    Dayz 1944 vehicles

    there are heaps of vehicles available, just go into the Singleplayer > Editor and go have a look think of the ones included more as demo vehicle spawns, which we hope that we will see the community for dayz i44 grow and share their setups for various things like vehicle spawns etc.. :)
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    Oring 1.0.8 server files?

    Client files;
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    DayZ: Invasion 1944 Release Thread!

    While im waiting for DZC and PW6 to update, here is the manual files for the 0.2.1 update :)
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    DayZ: Invasion 1944 Release Thread!

    DayZ Invasion 1944 Updated To Version: 0.2.1 Notes: - Increased Nazi Zombie Count - Removed HMMWV Wrecks - Various Loot Table Changes - Other Minor Changes To Increase FPS - And A Few Minor Things From DayZMod And new server owners can now use...