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    Agregar nuevos Edifios problema

    el creador de ese post decompilo la mission y archivos del servidor y luego las edito y volvio a empaquetar, cuando las empaquetó puso una coma de mas y por eso no le andaba.
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    Can't migrate 3 files

    that seems correct, the error is very weir becouse its says that C:\DayZ\Repository/schema/BlissMessaging/mysql is not a folder, can you post: 1.the 2. the command line AND PARAMETERS you are using including the current path example: C:\repo\ --hostname
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    Can't migrate 3 files

    what file do you have in the path C:\DayZ\Repository/schema/BlissMessaging/mysql ?
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    Player models appearing invisible

    to do that with vanilla dayz you must change the @dayz in clients too, i recommend to mod rMod, just cut off the thing you don't want and leave the skins parts :)
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    [Tutorial] Adding new buildings to existing maps

    you welcome, show us your work later :D
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    [SOLVED] kill tasks in restart.bat for server restart?

    thats correct, once the mysqld is up there is no need to shutdown/restart it on every gameserver restart. you need only the call to de pMain store procedure
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    [SOLVED] kill tasks in restart.bat for server restart?

    restart.bat stapo, the start.bat must include the msyql.bat to start the mysql demon wich is mysqld.exe
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    DayZ Lotto

    Sure, you must know the class name of the item, for bandage are ItemBandage
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    In combat Mode

    No es una opción que se configure es un código extra, que repositorio estas usando?
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    Suspicious connections - Server security breach? *Urgent help required*

    seems an attack contacto to your server provider/hoster to help you , UDP flood is a big shit.
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    Stuck on Waiting for Character to Create

    Seven, are you trying to update the repo to the last version? becouse i remember a bug in old hive dll that users with ID finished on X letter will crash the hive and in consecuence the server i dont have time to search the post but if you make a quick search in github repo of bliis im sure you...
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    Suspicious connections - Server security breach? *Urgent help required*

    DDoS for sure or you have custom face activated and they are distributing a heavy image/paa Battleye must add a setting to only allow localhost connections to bercon....
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    bloody suckers?

    creepy model, i like it :D
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    Loot/Zombies Not Spawning

    Spawns dependes of the city too, and the power of your processor too, zeds and loot that doesn´t spawn quicly if you go on foot its a strong signal of bandwidth or resources problem of the server, check that too.