DayZ Admin tools

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- I've had a blast with this thing, salvage being wonky, it's k.. flying manatee comes in and insta repairs it (if I can't get it to work w/ actual parts).. and what's great is that it clears up the repair issues later even if it doesn't save the changes to the db.

ALSO - Prob gonna make a Vehicle parts loadout - silly salvage and its silly issues.
I'm spawning in the Debug Zone oO Did everything like it was requested in the readme!
Does Anyone got the same issue or has a fix for this? :)
added Taviana and Chernarus specific folders along with Taviana install instructions in the readme to the github
thanks Josh W for helping me test the tools on your Taviana server
Wow, cool... legit Admin cheating... Some Scripts should Never be released
are you saying these tools should be hidden in a dark hole somewhere or don't add malicious scripts to these tools
if its the later one then i never planed to. im trying to prevent and stop cheaters, hackers, and rule breakers. not create them.

Im using as host.

Is it possible to get this done with them as host, or do you recommend some other host?

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