DayZ: Invasion 1944 Release Thread!


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Yes the delay for the spawns is horrible and destroys the mod. If you know any fix for it I will host a Server for it. But from my experience this is the most thing which is responsible for leaving this mod - for players and admins.


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Then maybe we should think about removing the CBA folder from the DayZCommander.

Does deleting the CBA folder also fixes the delay issue?

Edit: Started the server and connected without using any CBA. Working really fine than, no spawn delay and no more lagging.

Is there any solution to fix it server side?
What do you meen with a fix Server Side?

I add it to the ingame Broadcast, that they can fix the Problem if they delete the folder.

But CBA is required for the functions in the Tanks.

@kikyou: Add me at Skype then we can find a Sollution for the German Community and provide it here


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can anyone help me, I've been trying to host a private lan server for myself with this but cannot figure out how to do it, if anyone can help, id appreciate it.