Dayz Overwatch - custom starter loadout

Where did you fork this code from...? What was the server name? I could basically send you my init.sqf because I too have similar code to that at the bottom of mine...o_O

Except, I use a halo spawn...

Tell you what, PM me with your email address and I'll send you my init.sqf and I'll just comment out the lines that call the halo spawn.
I don't get why everyone wants to make this so complicated. Stay out of your mission file unless you have to.
In the server pbo use just put if uid=xxxxx then give the gear. It works. As does custom spawn locations. I changed all mine to the center of the map.
Actually I do know why. People have these dami mods and he purposely created code obfustication so nobody could fix their own servers ... Good code, works but always needlessly cryptic and confusing.
You CAN is my point, you have been conditioned to anticipate it as confusing. All my free time is spent looking at server scripts and I would say I have a better understanding than most about the workings of sqf and dayz. I am here to confess that when I see damimods in the mission I usually just close it up and move on rather than open every file to see what a.sqf or pcs.sqf are actually doing. And sometimes I wonder if some files have no purpose except to mislead.

Let's just say that in almost every instance there is an easier method, even if its only giving files names so that you know what they do. I am in no way saying dami is a poor scripter, the opposite is true; I can only hope to know what he knows. But since the code is common, it gets passed around as 'this is how it works on my server' and people are CONDITIONED to expect confusing code.
Yeah, I got a build form a gentlman that had the Dami mods and basebuilding was well a good build, but could have been better organized in regards to how the folders were stacked inside one another. I've got my recent build where I've done a rather good job of lying what goes to where with much less confusion. I'm still by far a greenthumbed novice at this, but I'm know more today than I did 9 months ago.

You should seen me back then...I'd break a server before I even knew the IP for it!