DayZ Private Server Files Pack (1.8.8)


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Thought I'd have a look on here for old times sake. Glad to see you're still going well pwn!


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Thought I'd have a look on here for old times sake. Glad to see you're still going well pwn!
Hey Doc, hope all has been well!

Still trying to keep everything going! This community is so awesome it really just runs itself. Hoping once DayZ Standalone supports mods (if ever), the forum will kick back up again.

Stuff and Junk

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i am not sure if anyone else had the issues I had but the root@% for the pMain script in sql had to be updated to root@ or root@localhost to exec properly. I think there may have been one other issue but I cannot rem atm lol :p anyways thanks again pwn good stuff. If anyone else had issues i would be glad to assist if I can.


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Just updated my sandbox to 1.8.3 and had the same MySQL issue of the root user not being recognised as a definer on hive spawn.

Thanks to Stuff and Junk for the steer, otherwise I would have been at it a while longer before getting round to editing pMain to correct the reference under my own steam.


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i dont think 1.8.4 has been officially released yet? i looked the other day and there was only a partial diwnload available.

but 1.8.3 server should be good with 1.8.4


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ok. i checked the download files and there is an,sql file so DB imports are required but other than that it looks to be a drop in replacement for 1.8.3 is soooo last year :D
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Please help when i start server and connect server crash with error: "Include file z\addons\dayz_code\gui\mod.paa not found"


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Arma servers run on Linux flawlessly. What prevents Dayz from running on linux is the SQL because Dayz uses an 'extension' to communicate with the database (hiveext.dll) and the 'callextension' is not available in the linux version of the arma server (who knows why not). So the solution is to use this: pick your preferred mod.
Its not terribly difficult and I had a few of them running last year on linux but this year I had some trouble and it took me a few tries to get everything right. People say that this is much easier to setup, but it I tried it once or twice and the install did not work. It has a script to download everything for you and run all the setup steps. I prefer the Denisio.

What Denisio's linux server does is this: It replaces all the call hivereadwrite's in your dayz_server pbo with writes to the log. Running concurrently with your arma server is a program called that constantly reads the log for those hivereadwrites and writes them to the database.
Reading in from the database is done by writing data to a 'cache' and then compiling that file into the server 'on the fly' such as this line that gets the server time.
_res = preprocessFile "\cache\set_time.sqf";

It really is a very elegant system and works very well without any additional lag (not that myself or players have ever noticed. One 'benefit' of this system is that you can edit the hive calls to change how and what data is saved to the database. And it will work with ANY MOD of ANY VERSION simply by replacing the lines in a few files of your dayz_server.pbo .... Its probably best to use the version uploaded and then adapt your server into it, rather than the other way around so as to avoid any errors.


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Include file z\addons\dayz_code\system\mission\description.sqf not found

the error you mention is because the mission has a request to load the rest of description.ext from the dayz_code pbo. Use your mission from 1.8.5 rather than from denisios repository to fix that error.
Use winmerge to compare and merge the dayz_server from the denisio version with the 1.8.5 version.


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I feel like i'm close.

I now tried run the server with mission, key and dayz_server (@hive) all of here Server Files.
But no having success. My client game freeze in this part:

The error is: ERROR: Cannot Sync Character marcelotk as no characterID
But now the error is ever, not more: Server error: Player without identity marcelotk (id 1954996899)

ah! i have other issue. it is normaly?
[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed.
[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; unable to locate a running instance of Steam, or a local
20:55:23 Host identity created.
[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed.

Thanks for helping and guide me :p


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The steamAPI error is normal. .. I think.
Freezes at Reading Mission File? Is your cfg file pointing to the correct mission file name? Post your RPT log (its not named RPT in the linux I think though) and lets see what it says.


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2 things here.

this error;
9:20:38 "HIVE: Starting"
9:20:38 Error in expression <ray = call compile format ["%1",_data];

that small bit of code looks like normal dayz hive call instead of the denisio log save code. did you edit the dayz files to match denisio code? use winmerge to compare the two dayz_server folders. or you just missed one.

secindly it says you,are kicked by battleye for publicvariable restriction. while testing, delete all the .txt files in your battleye folder except for bans.txt

you can edit them once your server is running, or just disable battleye in your server.cfg

Kumari Ashamaki

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I keep getting a

ERROR 1449 <HY000> at line 1: The user specified as a definer <'root'@'%'> does not exist

Also do I need my own MySQL or does it all come with it and just use that?It seems to but I was not sure if it depends on and outside installation of MySQL as well.
If it all runs in the server sql and all can I run this alongside a stand alone installation of MySQL for my Epoch server and just change the SQL ports?I would also like to know if I can't do that then can I just setup my own MySQL install and link it to that via the hive.ini and just remove the MySQL it seems to come with?As well if I do that is there more than one SQL file I need to import as all I see is the 183.sql.
also should the default password for the MySQL it seems to come with be changed or can it only be accessed locally?
I would also like to ask if the version it seems to come with specially made or modded to work best with DayZ or will the standard MySQL work just as well?(Is there a performance difference from the two?)