DayZ Taviana for DayZ 1.7.7(Tact's Build)

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Hey Hicks_206,

Welcome back :). I know I've been trying to contact you about it and I originally wanted to help you out on your project but wasn't to sure if you was still around. I'm still in the process of asking for permission from the Authors for the mods that I am using. Also to Ian Banks if I get any Legal Threats I don't believe anything that comes to me by Internet it is so easy to make those things up, that is why I am so ignorant about those threats. I've been a victim of scam before so it is going to be really tough to convince me that it is a legit legal notice. The only thing that I have fixed on Taviana map was the broken Intro which was giving off that mission addon for zwp_vil or w/e that addon was called. Other than that I haven't touched anything else that was in that Taviana map or editted or claimed it as my own. For all that i know mods are free to download and from what I can tell there wasn't any agreement terms or contract that came with that download. I just have the common decency what things you can't do or can do with mods. I've done some modding of my own in GTA San Andreas. Believe me I am not here to steal people's work infact I want to help them out with the mods.

If OpenDayZ ends up deleting my post, It won't stop me. if you guys are really afraid that my mod will get you guys in trouble OpenDayZ just send me a message and we can talk about it through private messages. I won't fully release a final until everything is cleared up and dealt with.

Anyway, after all that I am trying to iron out any bugs that I may have done in the process. Once all the bugs are fixed I'll release server files and help out the server owners get their servers online. For those who figured out what I've done you can get Reality's server files to work. Just don't use any 1.7.7 server files, you can try adding in the new anti-hack that DayZ came out with in 1.7.7. When final comes out I will give credit to who all those mods that I've used in this project. I really don't see the Authors giving us much of an issue as long they are credited for their work and not stealing anything of theirs.
Guys - he did infact message me. I have not had a chance to get back to him, as I have been slammed with the Xbox One, Survivor GameZ, and another DayZ related project.

While it is true that we're still trying to find time to get our 2.5 out with a new Tavi specific vehicle and latest DayZ, I have zero issues with this fine gentleman doing his own thing.
Hey Hicks, yea I figured out you may have been busy with E3 and stuff. I think you and I should talk sometime and maybe talk about this project I really want to count you in this project and I don't want to take over anything that you have accomplished. Hope to hear from you soon :).
The only thing that I have fixed on Taviana map was the broken Intro which was giving off that mission addon for zwp_vil or w/e that addon was called.
The only Taviana map people should be using is available here:!

(With the files being here:

You also can't modify anything within the .PBO files and re-release it in any form, even to fix bugs.

Is this the map you're using? I haven't checked the contents of the map files yet but the file size difference is too large to account for removing the intro reference.
Ian Banks.

Chill out man, are you the guys solicitor?
No-one is going to honour martins wishes, because all that group have steal everyone elses work and created a mod which sells only on 2 hosts... $$$ £££, then got the map dude to edit his original map because it was popular in dayz.

If you can't understand the concept of "OPENdayz" then i think you should perhaps move on.
This website is for messing with dayz and arma, hence opendayz.

HONESTLY what has this forum come too? , people do not need permission from a moderator to change anything in arma, no-one owns any damn content, for christ sake, it's BIS engine, using mostly BIS assets.. which is made for MODDING on a BIS game.

You think someone will take you to court for a map? lmao... honestly, not a chance in hell will anyone take that seriously.
Just like how that certian group threatens people over server emulation (which isn't iilegal) so god knows what legal action they are looking at, even judge judy would laugh.

Opendayz is a public domain and people can post freely, no-one can hold this website responsible, if you promote it so what? they can't do anything, NOTHING AT ALL.

If that was the case many websites on the net today would be in serious trouble.
This discussion has been held elsewhere on OpenDayZ and really doesn't need repeating here. However, BIS makes it clear that they do (and expect others) to respect the rights of addon makers in some way; see for example their own forum rules:

20) Posting addon/mod other content without permission
For many years this community has been known as the premium addon/mod creating community, people work tirelessly and in great detail to create fantastic addons/mods/missions/campaigns to release for free so that everyone benefits, including Bohemia Interactive. There are a few simple rules in place to provide the respect to these creative people/groups that they deserve:

The first and most fundamental rule is that you must seek permission to alter someone's work, to mirror it or use it in any way other than for personal use. No permission, no editing, no mirroring, no adding to your mod pack, no editing and sharing around your private squad, none of that is acceptable.

Obviously we cannot unfortunately control what people do outside of these forums, however on these forums you must follow this rule, if a person/team post a thread to share an addon/mod using content from someone else without permission and we receive a complaint then the mod thread will be closed until the issue is resolved and the forum member(s) risks being permanently banned from these forums for taking someone's work without permission.

This isn't just limited to re-using content in addons/mods/missions however, it's not acceptable to edit someone's work without permission and then to post screenshots of it on the forums (even if the edited addon/mod is purely for personal use), it's also not acceptable to edit someone's work, or use someone's work in any way that you don't have permission for and then to create videos which you post on these forums, doing any of the above without the permission of the original creators risks a permanent ban, for individuals, for whole mod teams or squads."
I'd ask that threads in this forum apply the above.
Obviously we cannot unfortunately control what people do outside of these forums, however on these forums you must follow this rule.

You see?

Also the guys that run that other mod, stole everyones code anyway, then the map got popular so they "redesigned it".. they can't really do much about it if "opendayz" use it.
Then guys are a joke rampant un-requested use of other peoples assets.
After all this website was setup in the good ole days when people respected each others efforts not stole it.

Honestly, why would anyone listen to them complaining about people borrowing their code/stuff?
See what i am saying here...they have to expect it, it's what they do.

I don't know why on OPENdayz someone is telling someone else that they can't do this and that, it isn't your place nor will it ever a moderator it isn't your job to tell other modders what is and what isn't allowed to be modded, scanning peoples work and checking mods for infringements? wtf? sucking the life away from what's left of the modders man, wow.
Is that your job here Ian, scanning code all day long to see if something infringes?
It's a map! What do you want? Do you want the president to post here telling you it's ok?
Can we please have an admin's decision on this because I know you're not gonna let this go.

Can we at least for now go on-topic again in this thread and discuss legal issues somewhere else?
Thank you Tactical_Force for your effort and time that it is taking you to make this happen. Me and quite possibly a big chunk of the community highly appreciate your work!
You're are welcome :). Yes I will be asking permission from Martin Bauer and I am only using the version 1.0 and not any other DayZ copies of it. I did talk some more with Hicks_206 and everything is cool with him. Hopefully tonight I'll get a chance to talk to him more. Ian Banks, I know you're concerned and I understand you, but could you just be a little bit more nicer about it next time that this happens from somebody else? As of what I'm going to do is remove the download links and wait for the responses from the Authors if its okay for me to use their mods in this Mod. I already sent out messages a few days ago and still awaiting a reply. Once all that is cleared, I'll go ahead with the full release of the files and even include installation step by step to get it going on your server and on your game client. For those who was waiting for the final release, just give me a couple more days to get everything the all clear. I'm sorry for the delay folks, you'll all been very nice and I appreciate everybody's support.

There is a few bugs that I've spotted which I will be fixing in the final, I may be switching the Ultra-light mod for the Auto Gyro it seems to be a much better model and the Ultra-light has some weird issues with it that I've spotted and I did notice all those errors in the .rpt file for STR_DESC_ITEM10 having duplicate entries and same for the other 10 or so more of them.

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Anyone asserting Ian is doing or saying anything wrong should STFU and maybe take a couple minutes to figure out who he actually is.

I hope you all realize that neither Martin, nor Origins "stole" anything from anyone, the only thing they are using without permission is the DayZ Code, and that's because NO ONE has been given written permission to use that... which is what drove everyone here's assertion that they shouldn't "own" their mod if DayZ doesn't own theirs... which just doesn't matter. Origins can do what they want, whether they will ever actually sue someone and win I have no idea, nor do I care because the point is you should be "that guy" to find out.

Authors DO in fact have rights, and you can USE anything they make and release AS IS, if you are a player or a server host.... you CAN NOT modify it in ANY WAY without permission.... Nor can you repackage those assets for distribution in the form of a mod. In order to do either of those things you need the express written permission of the addon maker, unless they include a license that gives that authorization by default with the released files (literally no one does that).

I think this whole situation is pretty unfortunate, I don't blame or slight Tactical for his efforts or wishes, nor Ian for his concerns and assertions... the onus is NOT anyone but the potential mod author to secure these permissions BEFORE releasing.

To the OP... if you think you're going to get any positive replies, much less replies you can pretty much stop holding your breath. I have had direct conversations with authors who have then just disappeared when it comes to actually providing written permission to mod their stuff... I've gotten it from 2-3 out of 20-30 that I've asked. Most don't reply, and of those that do most are replying just to make sure I know I can NOT use their stuff.

The Maule Aircraft in Taviana for example was modeled by Rocket, pretty sure you're not going to get his written permission to use it, repackage it, or bug fix it.

It's a VERY unfortunate problem in the BI modding community...

I've gotten source files and authorization from Bohemia Interactive as a company but can't get so much as a SINGLE gun pack producer to reply to me... None, Zero, Zilch.

Several have said "I'll check with the other authors and let you know" and then just disappear... the problem is almost NO ONE does their addons "rooter to tooter" so they have to get permission from EVERY person that worked on the addon, or any addon included in a mod pack...

Add to that the fact that a solid 99 percent of the Arma Modding Community want All of DayZ and it's Players, Modders, and even Authors to die in a fire doesn't help.


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This post does nothing except basically point at that Tactical should keep doing exactly what he is doing and release the version with whatever mods/additions he wants to and if they come after him so be it, he'll shut it down.

He's not trying to profit off of ANY of this and if the author's don't reply to your direction communication, they aren't going to come after him for providing an update.

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lol, No, that's not what it says, that's what a dick would interpret it as.

The rules are clear, unless you are TOLD yes, then don't.

The more people ignore those rules the less and less DayZ Mod Authors who try to do things right, get cooperation from Arma Modding guys...

I am literally begging for people to stop with this shit. Just don't use stuff that someone else made unless they say OK... WTF is so hard about that?


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Wow call me the dick when all you do is troll Taviana threads when you have NOTHING to do with it?

Go back to Sahrani, and leave us alone.

Tactical, keep pushing forward, you have a lot of server owners behind you.
Yup cen I second that. Tactical just finish what you have started. The worst that could happen is you get a cease and desist letter in your actual mail telling you off for being a naughty boy and asking you to not do it again. I guess thats about the size of it in terms of personal consequences. The authors that feel offended might also complain to server file hosters and server hosters where your code is running to take it down. So in conclusion worst case is you justed wasted some of your personal time which might even happen anyway due to SA release. Best case is you are going to make a large chunk of the community very happy (including me) and eternally in your debt. :)
Doubt a lawyer would really take this case to court because they have to earn money as well and I have serious trouble seeing where that might come from.
For anyone who wants to contest this. Don't! I just pulled that out of my ass and you'd be wasting your precious time.