DayZThirsk: Server Files

Tnx for the new map. Just tried it out on own server (pwnoz0r build) and got kicked when in loading screen by BE, script restriction #43, map was snow thirsk. Any idea whats wrong?


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yes, go to your scripts.txt and comment out line 40 to 44 then restart server and you should be good to go


you can just delete the whole scripts.txt and scripts.log (but this lessens the scecurity against scripters)
Tnx for quick answer :) Just tried it out and got kicked for #38. I'll just delete both files, it's a home server so scripters are not a problem, at least so far :D

You were just now on the server right?


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yea it works for me....

have you tried loading the default winter map w/o snow?

EDIT: whats in your object_spawns and object_classes table?
there should be 10 vehicle spawns, 1 atv and the other is tt650
Database seems to be fine, can see both vehicles in tables.

One more map to try out, the default one. Both snow don't work. Has to be a problem on my side.

Default one also doesn't work. Hmm. I'll try and leave it a little longer in loading screen.


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ahhhhhh your server cfg says
requiredBuild = 98443;

rpt says
Version 1.62.98220

try making EVERYTHING 98220

EDIT: That may work and it may not......