[Help] Server offline in DayZ Commander and Gametracker


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Hey guys,

I'm stucked at this little issue here.
After i updated the server to 125548 its not showing offline in dayz commander and gametracker.
So this is what i did:
requiredSecureId = 2;
steamport = 2300;
steamqueryport = 2301;
Joining Port: 2302

Put a new Inbound Rule on the Windows Firewall for
UPD/TCP 2300 / 2301

the server is joinable and working fine, just not showing up.

Thanks for any help

I had the same problem, and what solved it was changing my ports to this:

steamport = 8766;
steamqueryport = 22816;

I was also using 2300 and 2301 but when I changed them the server finally appeared in DZC.
Can someone remind me why we require these arma2 updates? I am bemused. BI release these arma 2 patches to make sure issues are resolved within the core engine for their addons only. Bare in mind that the arma 2 engine is also utalised for some other commercial and military applications like VBS2.

Put simply these updates are not designed to be for the mod community but the users who utalise the core engine for commercial reasons.

BI do not support the dayz mod, i.e. you won;t get a favorable response from BI if you go to them for support asking them about a specific code etc...

So with this in mind why do we as a community who utalise just the core and then build on top of it keep moving the developmental goal posts by using these new updates from BI?

The only way arma2 /oa/co gets updated is if we with install the update or utalise third party programs to do so.

With this last "update" it has fundamentally changed how everything works and for the life of me I can't see what the new update brings to the mod that we use? The only real change is that Steam can have more control.

Personally I think its about time we just locked down to a particular version and then that's it. BI can keep "developing" arma 2, which incidentally will cease i expect due to arma 3 being out now and support for vbs2 being ramped down for vbs3.


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ok thank you guys,
i've got it working to be shown online in gametracker. Now will struggle a bit with dayz commander.

DZC is still showing us offline, DayZ Launcher is not. So i did everything right so far, just need to see what i can do with this damn commander

again many thanks for the help
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We are having the same issues with DZC, it is very frustrating at the lack of news or information around the place.
Dayz Launcher shows us fine aswell.