1. M

    NL Windmills |Airdrop|Trader|WpnRedux|DayZ+|NoStam|Vehicles+

    Welcome to NL Windmills! Server name: NL Windmills |Airdrop|Trader|WpnRedux|DayZ+|NoStam|Vehicles+ Ip adress: #All vehicles are fixed, and we have Airdrops once every hour! #There are traders! Start building up your stash today! #We have a excellent beast of a server...
  2. Captain_Bigzy

    Dawn OF The Z - Now Running 3 Dedicated Servers | PVP - NOKOS - VANILLA | WWW.DAWNOFTHEZ.NET

    WWW,DAWNOFTHEZ.NET New Growing Community with 180+ Discord Members Backups & Auto Restore on all servers! Hosting 3 servers PVE, PVP and VANILLA! Join our Discord: Dawn Of The Z Discord Our servers are a WIP and we need players to give us feedback to help us improve on the features! A run...