Private Hive Tools [PHP]


It would be really nice if we could zoom in or out on the map as some of the vehicle and player icons overlap and it's hard to tell exact position.


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Hello, can you please make a tutorial how to use this? I dont even know where i should put the files in my DB. Or can someone please send me a link to a how to? Would be very nice



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After scratching my head with getting it to work for ~8 hours - first 7,5h F'in myself with XAMPP - I finally got it to work with WAMP within half an hour. So heres how I did it.
1. Download WAMP and install it where you want (Default location is "C:\wamp")
2. Download Private Hive Tools and extract hivetools_pwnoz0r to "C:\wamp\www" - or whereever you ended up installing WAMP.
3. Go to "C:\wamp\www\hivetools_pwnoz0r" and open "config.php" and fill in the correct data.
3.1. RCON CONNECT should be changed as follows
IP should be: $IP = '';
Port Should be: $Port = '2302';
$RCON_PASS can be found from Arma directory ..\ArmA 2\cfgdayz\BattlEye\BEServer.cfg.
3.2. On HIVE DB there is only needed to change $DZ_PASS and $DZ_USER. These can be found from ..\ArmA 2\cfgdayz\HiveExt.ini

4. Start your DayZ server - be sure it starts without errors. If there are errors like on the picture:

you must have started WAMP already. Now you just have to Stop All Services via WAMP:

That should solve the error problem and your server should run as smooth as always :)
If you did not have any error and you have not started WAMP yet.
5. Start Wamp and Start All Services

6. Open up your favourite web browser and type in:

You should end up on a page like this:

7. Klick on hivetools_pwnozor

8. Success!

PS! If you can't see the pictures I will go and shoot myself LOL


Hello Nightmare !

I really like the way the server can be controlled through Wamp and specially the options it has ! Is there anyway we can use the same method and options available (Vehicle Spawn, Object Filter, etc) but with another server package ?

I am currently using Dayz Control Center, really happy with it but if i could use this to improve even more to my likings it would be top :) Since their is no option for Teleport, Spawn Editor, Fast Travel etc I'd really like to use them.


This is a good tool and all but the problem is that it's very exploitable as in there is no way on keeping track if someone finds out the panel and it being open with no user/password system.


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i work currently on a newer version with support of all actual hive schemas like: reality,lite,epoch,pwnoz0r,r4zor49

i know my tool is not perfectly written in php or secure like a webshop.

it is only a helpfull tool for playing or testing something in gamen, no more !

when you run the tool/sql/lamp with root user or your main system is not secure enough , then is this your fault.

there are a few ways to secure this tool if you want;
you can integrate it in a CMS, set .htaccess or don't make it public in www

im not a php professional, there is a lot what i have to learn, you are free to send me examples about eploitables
and i will make it better for the future. :)


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Hey, trying this out but can't seem to get the "restart server (mission)"-stuff to work. The page just keep loading for a while and then reload the page. No errors :/

Any ideas?


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quick question. so i'm using pwnzor's server files and recently(today) every action has gotten me and others kicked, getting kicked for eating meat, shooting, refueling vehicles, throwing objects, etc. is this an issue on battleye's side or is this a server problem?

as well, are you able to spawn objects such as buildings or weapons with this tool? (i got it working and understand it, this is a matter of ability) if so, can i just use the names that arma 2 uses or do i need something extra? (ex: DMR or Weapon_DMR_<clip type here>)


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my new private hive tools will be done soon, maybe next week.... or so..

- support for all serverpack/hive schemas
- comes with own db table / for customisable object/location entrys
- optional admin login

some screens:





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simple item blacklist added shows you players are using not allowed items on infoboard page ..

question: do you wish a whitlist editor for "whitelister" in hivetools?


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simple item blacklist added shows you players are using not allowed items on infoboard page ..

question: do you wish a whitlist editor for "whitelister" in hivetools?

yes,please ;) Good job Nightmare. Can't waite when u finish tool.