Silent Warrior Anti-hack/ Admin tool.

Is there any way you can update the tool to auto detect the Nuke or the mass teleport? I know you just updated to .65 but i cant seem to find the website where the change log and updates and testing were logged.
You guys figure out how to make it compatible with dayzcc? If so and it works, I'd buy three copies easy.
There is a lot of people using DayZCC and the tool. Do you mean antirocket/hivemind? The tool is only compatible with Bliss database structure, I did try to make it also compatible with antirocket style databases, but after 2 days of work I gave up, the tools features depend on data that isnt available on that style of database.
I purchased it yesterday, and I'm pretty satisfied so far. SW is an amazing person, he answers to all of my questions in a few minutes, helping much with configuring the tool, and understanding how it works.

If he keeps up the good work, and his dedication in the fight against hackers/scripters, this tool can easily be a #1 weapon. Little bugs here and there, but he is working on them.

Definitely have my approval.
For more info for how I got it to work with DayZCC, you'll have to remote connect to your MySQL database, its pretty easy, all you have to do is setup a user in the MySQL that can connect to the table from your IP. You can use the grant privileges command to do that. For example:

Replace dayz_taviana with whichever database you use, replace yourip with your ip or similar, and replace password with what password you want to use.

Once you add the user, then run this command to make the changes take effect:

I think that was the only thing that I had to setup to get this to work.

If your using the default chive that came with DayZCC, just go to the database and run the queries there.