TheForsakenLandsRelaunch2021 - FRESH WIPED (Read Description)



We shut down due to some personal issues and we are BACK!!!!

Looking for a server Look no further if you're looking for a survival experience?
scavenging from house to shed looking for gear, food, water. We have A Chernarus Server Offering FULL PvE with Major PvP Zones,

Plenty of hunting weed growing, and even ultimate vehicles including your very own base on wheels (Camper) along with helis, BBP & Vanilla building and much more.

BBP & Vanilla Building - Raiding tier 1 & 2 sledge or hacksaw Vanilla and Tents Hacksaws & Sledge Hammers

(PC) Active admins, Great player base with Regular server Events!
Come join us for one of the most amazing communities and Dayz Experiences

Player feedback & suggestions valued.
All levels Welcome.

Check out our discord. i look forward to meeting you!!
Peace [F.L] SmoggyGaz - Server owner.