[Tutorial] Snow added to Dynamic Weather

Okay so just like it says in the tutorial? This is how i did it but For some reason it always says it cant find script weather\dynamicweathereffects.sqf when it is loading the game.
are you sure you have the correct filename? the first post had wrong filename.

post the actual rpt to pastebin, and,post your init.sqf file and a screenshot of the mission showing the folder and file.
I will double check when i am home i downloaded the file from the link he provided so it should be the correct one. I appreciate all your help will post again tonight when i am able to try again.
okay so I got the dynamic weather to work (I think) the game loads with no errors and it looks like I have overcast when it first starts not sure if the snow should happen right off the bat, anyway my next question is how would I get the temperature to effect the chars when it is snowing/raining so that they would have to build a fire or find warmer cloths to keep warm. I want the water to effect it as well so if they step in the water while snowing they would freeze to death fairly quick unless they built a fire. Is any of this possible if so how would I go about getting it to work? I would need a small step by step I know it has something to do with the fn_temperature.sqf but I don't know from there.
BTW, you know there is a Winter Chernarus map someone posted about here a few months ago .. supposedly snow on the ground and all .. wintery ..

and then if thats true then you start affecting the body temperature. That bit of code is already in the fn_temperatur.sqf file. At the end of the file it takes the variable _difference and adjusts the body temp, positive effects are added, negative effects are subtracted and they appear to be cumulative. So if you are in water and its raining you have -10.5

I dont think you want to add any new functionality, just increase the current effects. So all you would have to do is adjust the negative affects.

So just copy that file into your mission and edit the compiles.sqf to point to the new location
  player_temp_calculation = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\fn_temperatur.sqf";        //Temperatur System //TeeChange
No i didnt know that thank i will see if i can find it. Also where do i put theplayer_temp_calculation = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\fn_temperatur.sqf"; //Temperatur System //TeeChange

In the compiles folder does it need to go someplace soecial or just at the bottom?
your compiles.sqf lists all the files to be used and their location. there is already a line that says exactly what i pasted except the location is /z/addons/dayz_code/ ... etc...etc and i changed it to your mission. and i put the file in a folder called fixes in your mission.
so just search the compiles for fn_temp

you do already have the compiles.sqf in your mission right? if not that is another tutorial.
Does the dynamic weather still give sunny days or is it just rain and snow? I ask because i wonder if the sun is out does that count as a warming factot?
I have changed the fn_temperatur.sqf and it doesn't seem to effect my char at all, below is how I have my files.

In my custom folder I have my custom compiles.sqf which at the bottom I have
player_temp_calculation = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "weather\fn_temperatur.sqf"; //Temperatur System //TeeChange

in my weather folder I have my fn_temperatur.sqf and I changed my variables for the effects but nothing happens I change the negative so they are like this on the list.

but it doesn't seem to change anything on my character. not when it snows or when it rains.
what is the base temperature and what percentage of a change is 15 .. maybe you really need to crank it up. What you want to do is add a line to that file that outputs the temperature and adjustments to the log so you can track it

they are actually already in the file, just commented out. So remove the // at the start of the relevent comments.
The first one will give you what its changing when in water, the bottom one will give you the actual player body temperature and the cumulative _difference taking into account water, rain, sun, standing, etc etc
line 122
//diag_log format["water - %1",_difference];
line 176
//diag_log format["%1 - %2",dayz_temperatur,_difference];
i expect the snow is actually rain with some wind blown ash that is supposed to look like snow. it may not even be rain, it might just be the ash ... look up the "eagle wing" effects .. probably same as tbis script without the yellow sky
Thank you for all your help it is working now just need to tweak the values a bit. I was apparently putting the values as positive numbers i forgot to put the - sign in.

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If you do it like this you can control the initial weather without having to open the weather.sqf:
//fog, overcast, rain, snow, wind, debug
[0, 0, 0, 0, [0,0], false] execVM "fixes\system\DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf";
Notice my weather custom is in the fixes\system\ folder, only because that is what folder I chose to use.

EDIT: If you want to have snow affect players temperature then you need to over ride the fn_temperatur.sqf file and add in the required code to make snow factor in temp changes just like rain.

Author: TeeTime

Does: Manages the body temperature of a Player

Possible Problems:
    =>  Balancing

    Save Functions

    Should Effects Sum Up?

    Math Functions for Water

    Player Update GUI Colours need to be checked

    Shivering Function need improvements
private ["_warm_clothes","_cold_clothes","_snow_factor","_snowfall","_playerIsWarm","_playerIsCold","_difference","_isinvehicle","_isinbuilding","_daytime","_height_mod","_temp","_looptime","_vehicle_factor","_moving_factor","_fire_factor","_building_factor","_sun_factor","_water_factor","_rain_factor","_night_factor","_wind_factor","_raining","_sunrise","_fireplaces","_building"];
_looptime = _this;

//Factors are equal to win/loss of factor*basic value
//All Values can be seen as x of 100: 100 / x = minutes from min temperature to max temperature (without other effects)
Warm Weather Variables Start
_vehicle_factor = 5;
_moving_factor = 4;
_fire_factor = 20;    //Should be always:  _rain_factor + _night_factor + _wind_factor OR higher !
_building_factor = 7;
_sun_factor = 3;    //max sun factor linear over the day. highest value in the middle of the day

_water_factor = -12;
_rain_factor = -12; //6
_night_factor = -6; //4
_wind_factor = -6;
_stand_factor = -6; //4

_difference = 0;
//_hasfireffect = false;
_isinbuilding = false;
_isinvehicle = false;

_raining = if(rain > 0) then {true} else {false};
_sunrise = call world_sunRise;
Warm Weather Variables End
Cold Weather Start */
_vehicle_factor     = 4;
_moving_factor         = 3;
_fire_factor         = 34;    //Should be always:  _snow_factor + _rain_factor + _night_factor + _wind_factor OR higher !
_building_factor     = 6;
_sun_factor         = 2;    //max sun factor linear over the day. highest value in the middle of the day

_warm_clothes        = 24;
_luke_clothes         = 12;
_cold_clothes        = 0;

_water_factor         = -40;
_rain_factor         = -16; //6
_snow_factor        = -18;
_night_factor         = -7; //4
_wind_factor         = -7;
_stand_factor         = -7; //4

_difference = 0;
//_hasfireffect = false;
_isinbuilding = false;
_isinvehicle = false;

if(isNil ("snow")) then {snow = 0};
_snowfall = if(snow > 0) then {true} else {false};
_raining = if(rain > 0) then {true} else {false};
_sunrise = call world_sunRise;
Cold Weather End */

if((vehicle player) != player) then {
    _difference = _difference + _vehicle_factor;
    _isinvehicle = true;
} else {
    //speed factor
    _vel = velocity player;
    _speed = round((_vel distance [0,0,0]) * 3.6);
    _difference = (_moving_factor * (_speed / 20)) min 7;

_fireplaces = nearestObjects [player, ["flamable_DZ","Land_Fire","Land_Campfire"], 8];
if(({inflamed _x} count _fireplaces) > 0 && !_isinvehicle ) then {
    //Math: factor * 1 / (0.5*(distance max 1)^2) 0.5 = 12.5% of the factor effect in a distance o 4 meters
    _difference = _difference + (_fire_factor /(0.5*((player distance (_fireplaces select 0)) max 1)^2));
    //_hasfireffect = true;

_building = nearestObject [player, "HouseBase"];
if(!isNull _building) then {
    if([player,_building] call fnc_isInsideBuilding) then {
        //Make sure thate Fire and Building Effect can only appear single Not used at the moment
        //if(!_hasfireffect && _fire_factor > _building_factor) then {
            _difference = _difference + _building_factor;
        _isinbuilding = true;
        dayz_inside = true;
    } else {
        dayz_inside = false;
} else {
    dayz_inside = false;

if(daytime > _sunrise && daytime < (24 - _sunrise) && !_raining && overcast <= 0.6 && !_isinbuilding) then {
    /*Mathematic Basic

    t = temperature effect

    a = calcfactor
    f = sunfactor
    s = sunrise
    d = daytime

    I:    a = f / (12 - s)
    II:    t = -a * (d - 12) + f

    I + II =>

    t = -(f / (12 - s)) * (d - 12) + f

    Parabel with highest Point( greatest Effect == _sun_factor) always at 12.00
    Zero Points are always at sunrise and sunset -> Only Positiv Values Possible

    _difference = _difference + (-((_sun_factor / (12 - _sunrise)^2)) * ((daytime - 12)^2) + _sun_factor);

_playerIsWarm = (typeOf player) in ["Sniper1_DZ","BanditW1_DZ","Bandit1_DZ","Survivor3_DZ","CZ_Soldier_DES_EP1","Ins_Soldier_Sniper"];
_playerIsLuke = (typeOf player) in ["Camo1_DZ","Soldier1_DZ","Rocket_DZ"];
_playerIsCold = (typeOf player) in [];

if (_playerIsWarm) then {
    _difference = _difference + _warm_clothes;
if (_playerIsCold) then {
    _difference = _difference + _cold_clothes;
if (_playerIsLuke) then {
    _difference = _difference + _luke_clothes;


if(surfaceIsWater getPosATL player || dayz_isSwimming) then {
    _difference = _difference + _water_factor;

if(_raining && !_isinvehicle && !_isinbuilding) then {
    _difference = _difference + (rain * _rain_factor);

if(_snowfall && !_isinvehicle && !_isinbuilding) then {
    _difference = _difference + (snow * _snow_factor);

if((daytime < _sunrise || daytime > (24 - _sunrise)) && !_isinvehicle) then {
    _daytime = if(daytime < 12) then {daytime + 24} else {daytime};
    if(_isinbuilding) then {
        _difference = _difference + ((((_night_factor * -1) / (_sunrise^2)) * ((_daytime - 24)^2) + _night_factor)) / 2;
    } else {
        _difference = _difference + (((_night_factor * -1) / (_sunrise^2)) * ((_daytime - 24)^2) + _night_factor);

if(((wind select 0) > 4 || (wind select 1) > 4) && !_isinvehicle && !_isinbuilding ) then {
    _difference = _difference + _wind_factor;

if (!_isinvehicle && overcast >= 0.6) then {
    _height_mod = ((getPosASL player select 2) / 100) / 2;
    _difference = _difference - _height_mod;
if(!_isinvehicle && overcast >= 0.6) then {
    _height_mod = ((getPosASL player select 2) / 100) * 4;
    _difference = _difference - _height_mod;

//Standing cooldown.
if (!_isinvehicle && !_isinvehicle && !_isinbuilding) then {
    _difference = _difference - _stand_factor;

//Calculate Change Value Basic Factor Looptime Correction Adjust Value to current used temperatur scala
_difference = _difference * SleepTemperatur / (60 / _looptime) * ((dayz_temperaturmax - dayz_temperaturmin) / 100);

//Change Temperatur Should be moved in a own Function to allow adding of Items which increase the Temp like "hot tea"
dayz_temperatur = (((dayz_temperatur + _difference) max dayz_temperaturmin) min dayz_temperaturmax);
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