Sharing Bans.txt, lets help eachother keep our servers free of cheaters.

Well dont use the whitelist then if that is your preference. I have mentioned several times that which list to use is going to be completely configurable by the admin.
You started this topic about sharing bans, i am just proposing an automated method of doing so across (hopefully) many servers. And an added feature for those who want MORE security would be a whitelist which can be also automatic.

I have the website and backend complete, have to work on bec plugin now and there are some things that need to be ironed out. But current theory is to have 3 levels of security:
  1. Banlist shared automatically between servers.
  2. Whitelist shared automatically betwen servers
  3. And a 'greylist' where players that are not on either list but have played x amount of tmes on a server will pass. If a player has played on the WICKED server 10 times we can assume he is not a hacker, any server using the greylist would check if the player joining has played on any contributing server X times (where x is admin configurable) and he will be allowed to join. Again, all done automatically.
The one issue i have come up against is the servers updating the master list. It can be done automatically but will require some db access by bec. Server owners may not want that in which case they would have to visit the website and use a provided script for 1 time access/update which will take just 30 seconds. Every time they want to update the master list, they would,have to do this ... Or they can allow bec to do it for them
So i see the nuke screenshot and they spawned in an banned ak.
Nothing from infistar or the be filters course.
And this is where the greylist comes into play. I would bet that was a new player on your server. If you could immediately know which player has joined just once that would be your prime suspect?

Oh and the bec plugin using grey or,whitelists can be disabled while an admin is online to monitor and allow new players ... Again automatically. This is starting to get complicated;)


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I mean I like the idea but for me it fails at adding someone to the whitelist/greylist. These people are literally undetectable and I have reason to believe it might be the same person over and over again.. So theoretically they could be added to the greylist, or even the whitelist. There's no way to know who it is. This is also where the regular ban list fails, that and even if somehow I did catch them, they'd just get a new key and do it again. I feel like the whitelist would have to be put together by a less popular server who isn't under constant attack. But yea I like the idea
Okay, you dont like the lists. We could debate the value of banlists and whitelists all day.
But would you provide player data to help everyone who does want to use banlists and whitelists?
You could make a whitelist of maybe 400 verified players that you are sure are legit, and maybe 5,000 players who have played on your servers 10 times without getting caught cheating so we can assume they are legit (because you are a vigilant and fair admin). If we could get 30 servers with 40 players to do the same thing that would mean.
12,000 players on a whitelist
150,000 players on a greylist ( 'assumed whitelist')
I would run those lists on my server when I am not online. When I am online (or another trusted admin) then we allow everyone to join so we can increase the whitelist and greylist.

So how to identify who is hacking: I think a simple command to check the number of connections of each player is the best method. Someone who plays on your server every day might be a hacker but they are generally the "harmless" ones, spawning in a vehicle or ammo for themselves. They dont use zombieshields because someone would notice that, they want to play but have the game be 'easy'. Ban them when caught but they aren't the real problem hacker like the guy who disrupts the game for everyone with teleports, nukes and dancing chickens.
The guy who nukes elektro is not going to join every day and on the 6th day decide "Today is the day I rain doom on their doomed heads!" He simply looks for a full server where he can cause the most damage and then pops in and destroys. So the player with 1 or 2 connections is your culprit.
I have to get back to work on this ... I have really lost a lot of interest in doing much except wasting my time searching for and posting stupid memes ...

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Here is an ASS that took down the server last night hosed the database thank god for backups :) .. add this to your bans list

GUI 3cb975a71c616ad0bcd8c14201d2079c
User Name [FS] Boom

Another recently caught TP and spawning Crates

748b7c5bbe718e1524618f8ce37b0b44 -1 tp AND SPAWNING CRATES - AVERAGE jew -1 tp AND SPAWNING CRATES - AVERAGE jew


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No. Honestly new keys are so dirt cheap. The cheaters who know what they're doing are hard to catch and when you do they join right back with a new key. My ban list at one point was simply massive and I still never really caught anyone.