Sharing Bans.txt, lets help eachother keep our servers free of cheaters.

Those two guys are using something new, very hard to detect.


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OK lol, AS I watch Dart .. I see people start to log in .. but on a few sec .. then they are gone.. have seen a ton of these all day .. are these just idiots.. or people that been globally banned trying to find a server they can get in to ?? .. Ive had prob 20 in last few hrs if not more .. dont even get all the way in .. few sec then gone
This has probably already been said but I have ignored this thread right along as I refuse to believe hackers exist ....

IMHO any bans posted here that you expect anyone to add to their own server should include a screenshot, video or some proof showing the offending player. What if I were some newb admin who thought every time I got killed the person must be using a hack? What if I were a vindictive type and put in Dangeruss's ID just so he would be banned on every server (including his own, wouldn't that be funny :D).


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Yes .. very true .. but custom bases .. that is one that many are after, too lazy or stupid to build there own ?
My custom bases go in my server pbo so the mission file isnt so large and so players cant copy mine


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I added just about everything listed here today to bans .. since then I have had 19 people show up as bands that tried to join the server ! Wonder how many I didn't see before :)
What made me come re-visit this topic is I had a reg player get banned today for #38 I had suspected he and his crew maybe doing something .. watched them moving fast in mv22 the other night .. I couldn't even begin to keep up with them .. That part made me wonder.. but have randomly observed and now bam .. leaves hacking tools open after server restarted ,, and bye bye .. .I sent him email so he could explain .. he never responded to the email .


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I just got hit by team of 2 hackers .. toasted the database, and all kinds of fun .. finally caught them one by one .. in the act ... add these two to your bans bastards..
I guess Im gonna have to break down and get infrastar.. If I wasn't logged in never would have known, its happening more and more .. have caught several recently

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