Spectator Tools for Admins! DOWNLOAD + INSTALLATION (GCAM)

Hey guys i was testing this on my server today i every time i tryed to load the in to spec mode i get kicked for "script restriction #47" so i did some looking in to it and ive teyed diffrent thing to stop this but its not working this is the code i have right now

5 setHit !”\”setHit\”,” !”object_setHit” !”object_setHitServer = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers \”\z” !”player setHit[\"legs\",1];” !”_unit setHit[\"legs\",0];” !”_unit setHit[\"hands\",0];” !”_unit setHit[_selection,_damage];” !”_total = [_unit,_hit,_damage] call object_setHitServer;” !”_ent setVariable [\"hit_legs\",2,true];”

i hope some one can help me work this out thanx
I have also had the script restriction issue for a couple of weeks now and have tried everything to resolve it. It got so bad I was being kicked for using shift + p to login and being kicked for pressing O to view for multiple script issues. I resolved the admin login one but I cannot solve the spectator cam one. If anybody has a working scripts.txt then please post it here for us to try! It's a shame as this is an amazing tool and great for dealing with hackers
Thanks JoSchaap, but the new scripts.txt still causes a multitude of kicking errors :(
I tried JoSchaap's method for removing the restriction and it actually let me use the spec tool for 1.5 seconds before I was kicked for the same restriction.
these restrictions where all i needed to add.

loopup the kick in your scripts.txt and post the portion of log here in quote or code tags :)
best practice is get kicked, then openup scripts.log and search for your kick from the bottom up :)

the kick specifies line #47 of one of the ruleset files *.txt but the log will show the actual bit that got you kicked :)
Thanks Jo, your fixes worked!:)
For some reason now though, i can't use night/thermal vision in GCam :(
so has no-one even attempted to install this on DayzControlCenter? Seeing that its all the same game, with the given changes in titles of files or of config paths, it should still work. correct?
I thought i followed the instruction on how to install the spectate tool.
But it didnt't worked for me.
Iam confused on how to install it. Do i have to pack it in the pbo, or must it be a normal subfolder.
inside the mpmissions main-folder.
Can someone show me the folder structure on a screen?

Thank you,
I've been using gcam for a while now and it's the most reliable anti-hack tool we have. Nevertheless, my server has been having performance issues lately - can it be related to gcam at all? Does anyone have any data on how it affects performance. Surely it must be draining some resources, the question is how much?
I believe actively using gcam writes to scripts.log a ton more than the server usually does, resulting in much larger files, and I believe, causing ever increasing latency for the write to the file.

If you use Pybescanner, it's not an issue since it clears it.

That's the only correlation I have drawn.
Is it possible that somebody make it useable for Lingor Island ? I tried it but it didnt work.

greetings Sinobis