DayZ Taviana for DayZ 1.7.7(Tact's Build)

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Will you download if its released?

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  1. cen

    cen Valued Member!

    It's part of the server files in the @Reality folder.
  2. The .dlls are located in the server_files and in the @Reality folder like what cen mentioned. Does anybody know if anybody created a linux version for the database? Also if you guys have any issues importing the .sql file let me know :p, I'll create a installation guide on how to import the .sql file for Windows. You can also try joining the server I got online to see if you have your files installed right, if it kicks you than something is wrong, and if your able to join than you have the files right.
  3. cen

    cen Valued Member!

    Do you have an ETA on getting this officially as taviana 3.0 and up on dayz commander? I want to push you so we can get everybody playing on it and see how great of work you did.
  4. Quentix

    Quentix Member

    I managed to get a server working on linux, but I was confused with your sql file for vehicle table. It overrides some vehicles from Reality table, but there is some vehicle IDs in world_vehicle that are not in your vehicle table. I did a mix with Reality's vehicle table and your vehicle table. I also had some difficulties finding proper restrictions files for Battleye, but I finally took thoses from 1.7.6 reality branch on github, and it seems to work.

    EDIT: I didn't saw your new sql file, I'll try it later.

    I also posted my guide about linux hosting:

    EDIT 2: Here is the link to CJS Gyros
    I really hope it will be on Tavi 3.0
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  5. cen

    cen Valued Member!

    Where we at on status of official Taviana 3.0? I'm really excited to get my server running this!
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  6. We are making good progress, there is a few other things that they are working on in which they want to keep it a surprise to you folks. I am not sure on the release date but I will ask and see what is the expected release date and get back to you guys/ladies with it.
  7. Quentix

    Quentix Member

    Your new sql file has solved my problem with the vehicle table. However I had some issues with BE, some scripts from the usec plane, wich is very buggy btw, kicked any player that try to turn the engine on, because of a setfuel restriction, and also for the smoke effect when you turn the engine on.

    It would also be great if we could build the server files with reality script/CP, with features like killmgs etc..

    By the way, you're welcome on my test server: password 'mousse'
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  8. I agree with having other versions of the reality server files I would say the normal reality server files would work but I've added some extra stuff to the files to make it work with that dome tent/ammo box storage that I've added. If you have a good understanding how the server files work you could get a reality server pbo to work with kill msgs and things such as that. The Battleye filters, I know those aren't to difficult to deal with but if it becomes a severe issue I'll make some post edits to tell what a server admin can add into their BE Filters to prevent kicking. Are you still having that problem with players being kicked out of your server Quentix? The maule I had to use the one that was on armaholic and it is buggy. Since I don't have permission to modify the Maule to fix those issues I have to stick with what I have. But in Tavi 3.0 those guys are making tremendous progress with that and they have a fixed/working Maule that isn't buggy and they are fixing as much bugs as they possibly can and they have all their permissions intact.

    Its hard to work with those guys since we both live in opposite time-zones. The guys creating Tavi 3.0 are brilliant guys and I'm proud of what they are doing and what they are doing to make the gameplay fun. They are still sticking the original DayZ feel but they will be adding some extra Fun Factor to the gameplay to make things interesting. Some of you guys may agree having all those game-play just dramatically changes the gameplay and makes it less reliant for players to depend on loot, or finding a weapon and I don't see the fun in that.
  9. Joee

    Joee New Member

    ew features added within Tactical mod which I havn't seen in other mods except for the 28 clothes from BP, good work and I wish you the best of luck with it all.
  10. Will695

    Will695 Member

    If you're still adding stuff what about some sort of house/base building? or strip vehicles for parts with the chop wood working with it too. towing lifting etc? only ideas mind..
  11. cen

    cen Valued Member!

    All of those can be added third party, so in the interest of time, I'd rather release then let the server owners add in those features.
  12. Quentix

    Quentix Member

    Well, house building would be much more simple to add if there was houses models directly client-side with the mod itself, since this cannot be added server-side. We could use kikyou2's base building, but I think having houses models would be the best solution.
  13. cen

    cen Valued Member!

    I would agree with that mod being added. Everything else like towing and removing vehicle parts can be done by the server owners.
  14. Will695

    Will695 Member

    yeah that's cool, the reason that i ask is that the basebuilding on the scripting discussion has loads of bugs with tavi 2.0 (that's what i've heard anyway) so putting in a housing system/basebuilding would be awesome. And yeah the others are easy to do....i was just being lazy is all :p. with the "stripping vehicle for parts chopping wood bug" ever fixed do u know as mine still doesn't work?
  15. cen

    cen Valued Member!

    mine works fine. I've never had an issue with harvesting wood
  16. Will695

    Will695 Member

    oh ok i followed the strip vehicle for parts (simplified) way and ended up with that bug, not sure why. most probably have to go over it again.
  17. Hello,

    I was making plans for adding the base building mod directly into these files. The only downside that may arise from it is that the server owners may not have the freedom to modify what is allowed to be built, not to sure if its any concerned to you. If your okay with it, I'll look into adding them in the very final release of my build. Tavi 3.0 will be the official release that'll have all my great work into that version. This one that I am working on is more like a un-official and a glimpse of what you may be seeing in Tavi 3.0. I will talk to the guys that is working on Tavi 3.0 and see what they think about that base building mod being implented. I enjoy your guys support and we will have Tavi 3.0 out soon, and Tavi 3.0 will be using DayZ Files.
  18. Quentix

    Quentix Member

    I would really like to know who is 'the guys that is working on Tavi 3.0' since I thought that was dead a long time ago ..

    Also about drilling platforms, could we finally have a working ladder to access them with a boat ?
  19. rusk

    rusk Member

    Yup that made me lets say wonder as well and I am still rather uncertain if you should rely/wait on 'that guy'. Past experience shows the potential for amazingly prolonged waiting times. I am saying that because we heard that 'really soon' before and as it turns out there is a vast variety when it comes to the understanding of what qualifies as being 'really soon'. :)
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  20. I'm dealing directly with Hicks 206, he contacted me by Private Message on this site and sent me his contact details, he also gave me contact details for his team. I do also have access to their files and their project :). I do greatly appreciate your concerns Quentix & Rusk. If its a hoax/scam than OpenDayZ has some serious issues with hackers. I will be careful though and keep an eye out. I also have witnesses because I tell my friends everything that I hear or do for them for just in case if they try to do anything funny. Also with "soon" I know it can be mean different variations but I am un-sure exactly on the deadline but I will ask the team when it is expected and I've been meaning to do that but I get easily side tracked and forget to ask. is still alive and well they just been busy with life and working hard at other things and that probably explains why most of us and even including me thinking they was dead in the water. I do see great things coming from this Taviana 3.0 and I don't mind merging my work with theirs. My sole purpose was to bring DayZ Taviana back to life in which I have done.

    Regarding drilling platforms, we will see if anything we could to save those and if we can manage to get them working and spawning loot that'll be a huge success to us. I will also look into finding a way for server owners to be able to merge all the neccesarry things into the Reality server pbo and list of things they need to add in to make it work for this DayZ Taviana. How is your server holding up with this DayZ Taviana? What do you think about the Car Spawns?

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