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    [Release] Sector FNG Inland Version

    Thank you :D looking really good :D
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    [Release] Sector FNG Inland Version

    would it be possible to upload it to another site than megaupload ? dropbox for an example ?
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    calling of custom compiles

    lol im a dumbass/tired i was missing a ; in the fn_selfactions just delete this thread
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    [Release] Car Radio

    works on Epoch to, only problem is it seems like the music from dayz overwrites the carradio at some random point but im guessing is the scripts itself and not the epoch mod any fix for it ?
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    Devil's Castle Outpost

    looking good going to implement it on my chernarus server
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    npc shop

    why not just track the money via the debug ? if it is possible..
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    [Release] Fred's Dead Player Journal (Study Body Replacement)

    i haven't implemented this yet(i think i will :) but will it be possible to make it appear in the center or left corner of the screen ? since there is a debug monitor in the upper right corner.
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    haha sure man :D

    haha sure man :D
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    Group System(non epoch)

    very simple guide :D but in the player_monitor.fsm mine does not look like the guide(below) starting from line 1097 to line 1108 (i know where the + are is the lines i have to add) but it look like this (line 1097-1119) can someone tell me where in have to put this in the text ?
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    [Release] Fred's Anti-Zombie Frequency Emitter (AKA Zombie Shield)

    yeah i know but thx anyway :) just wanted to report a bug back
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    AI enter helis

    they go down to fast thats why they crash :( okay i will prevent them from stealing any vehicle, and set up there helicopter skills(it is in the config file right ?) that should help a lot on the problem :)
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    AI enter helis

    is there anyway to prevent this ? cause they are not that great at landing, so they just destroy every helicopter they enter ?
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    [Resources] - DayZ Server Additions

    Such as ? cause it sounds really interesting :)